eSight for Sydney

Join in here! Sight for Sydney.

Help us open up a whole new world!


Sydney Kiersten Natividad has been legally blind from birth. Sydney has Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. Sydney, with her little brother and her parents, Delilah and Richard Natividad, went to Dallas for a consultation with eSight. For the first time, Sydney saw her beautiful momma, her handsome daddy, and adorable little brother. Sydney saw that she looked like her momma, and realized that she was beautiful, just like her momma had always told her! Some day Sydney can own her very own eSight vision device! Will you help? Deana’s “Skin by Nature” Shop will donate 40% of your purchase to Sydney. When we come together, we can make wonderful things happen!

Join in here! Sight for Sydney.

Isn’t it awesome to find natural skin care products that #1. they work! #2. aren’t expensive #3. are not full of chemicals #4. have ingredients you know and can actually pronounce #5. they’re Fresh, they don’t sit on a shelf in a warehouse waiting for months to be sold. 10 days Max. Some items are even made to order.
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