7pc Naked Skin Mineral Makeup Set by NCinc. (Large)

This is our larger 7 piece starter set is ideal for anyone who needs a complete set of mineral makeup, but doesn’t need the brush set. It arrives in a black Organza bag along with instructions on how to apply the makeup.

Source: 7pc Naked Skin Mineral Makeup Set by NCinc. (Large)

Naked Skin <3 Natural Cosmetics


This  is a fantastic, 14 piece starter set. It’s ideal for anyone who needs a complete set of mineral makeup. It arrives in a black Organza bag along with a 7 piece brush set for everything you need to get started!


The set includes the following :

  • 2 Foundations 20ml Jar with Sifter – Choose any your shade of foundation, see below for shade guide and choose your option above when ordering.


  • 1 Miracle Veil 10ml Jar with Sifter – Our Miracle veil is translucent and works with all skin tones & types – it is worn under or over your makeup to provide a beautiful finishing touch. It also absorbs oil & moisture and creates a softer look to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.


  • 1 Concealer 10ml Jar with Sifter – Concealer is used for hiding dark circles, netrualising blotchy sking and concealing blemishes or imperfections.


  • 1 Corrector 10ml Jar with Sifter – Corrector is to brushed on before using the concealer to neutralize your skin tone.


  • 1 Blusher 10ml Jar with Sifter – Our Pink Cheeks blusher is designed to bring out the natural pink in your cheeks.


  • 1 Bronzer 10ml Jar with Sifter – Use our bronzer on top of your foundation, as an eye-shadow or on the face for a sun-kissed tone.


  • 7 Piece Brush Set in Pouch – 7 Makeup brushes in a black pouch which includes all the basics you need for daily application of makeup.


Color Guide

Please choose the shade which best suits your skin tone.You can also mix shades together to make the perfect blend for your tone.

You can choose the shade when ordering any of our foundations or sets


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NC Inc. with Meemsbling

Natural Cosmetics Inc. are a makeup brand who specialise in mineral makeup. Mineral Makeup is great for anyone with acne, skin damage, redness or Rosacea and similar because minerals adhere to the skin naturally and are very lightweight. We use minerals which are non-comedogenic which means they will not get in to your pores and clog them. Our products never feel heavy or look caked and work well for every skin type.

Our makeup is natural, organic, vegan and halal friendly and is not tested on animals.


We manufacture our own makeup here in the UK and use natural minerals which are safe and work for all skin types. Our makeup has built-in SPF to help prevent against any sun damage which in turn reduces wrinkles and guards against skin-cancer. With our mineral makeup your skin can breathe and function normally so will help prevent dehydration. Our foundations can help irritated skin acting as an anti-inflammatory and can even be worn after cosmetic surgery.   https://naturalcosmeticsinc.com/ref/8/


Our “Naked Skin Minerals” range is great! If you suffer from any skin complaints such as acne, discoloration, skin damage, redness, Rosacea, etc because minerals adhere naturally to the skin and feel completely natural and are very lightweight on the skin, no matter how many layers are applied.


Contained in our makeup is only the most pure Micas, Titanium’s and Oxides. We never use fillers, dyes, parabens, bismuth oxy Chloride, oils or perfumes found in most commercial cosmetics. Our makeup is not tested on animals and its is Vegan and Halal friendly.


All UK orders are dispatched within 24 hours via Royal Mail – we charge just £1.49 per order for postage or offer it free when you spend over £20. Overseas customers will be charged a little extra to cover airmail depending on your location.

We have a 14 day return period, if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, simply return it to us in the original packaging unused for a full refund.

We accept PayPal and Credit Card payments via our secure online ordering system.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


My Hairprint Experience

I was spelunking around the internet one day, looking for an alternative to chemically coloring my hair, and covering my greys.

I stumbled upon Hairprint in a blog. I read the comments about the product and decided to check it out.


1. All natural.

2. No harsh chemicals to burn my scalp.

3. No strong smell.

4. Hair is soft and clean!


  1. Expensive (compared to other home hair treatments)
  2. Time consuming
  3. Messy

Here is my Photo Experience Journal


I washed my hair with Hairprint’s Chelating Shampoo 2 times before using the kit. This rids your hair of any residue from hair products you’ve used, and prepares it for Hairprint.
2 before hair
My “Before” pic. It’s hard to see the grey hair in this photo, but there are the shiny strands you see.
3 gather supplies
Gather your supplies. You will also need a dark-colored towel. Gloves are included in the kit. Hairprint gives you real nice gloves. They’re longer and stronger than the flimsy gloves that come with home color kits.
5 wash hair
Step 1 is to wash your hair with the Pretreatment shampoo. Rinse and towel dry.

4 pretreatment shampoo

6 combine
Combine a Restore powder with a Restore liquid in a non-metal bowl.
8 changes color
Mix till completely combined, the color will turn from salmon to reddish.
9 gloves
Put on your gloves, the mixture turns black, but that’s normal.
10 protect your skin
Remember to protect your skin from staining. Quickly smoosh some petroleum jelly around your hairline.
11 apply
Starting at the roots, apply the foamy mixture to your hair, then work it through to the ends.
13 wait 15 min
Set the timer for 15 minutes.
17 work thru to the ends
You can hang around like this for 15 minutes, but a hair clip is preferred! LOL
15 get ready for no 2
Squeeze out any excess mixture from your hair, and prepare Restore #2.
16 another 15 min
Apply the 2nd set of Restore liquid and powder, just like the first.
18 another 15 min
Set your timer for another 15 minutes
19 clean bowl for 4th step
While you wait, wash your bowl to prepare for the Complete step.
14 safe mode
Certified “Made Safe” !
read instructions
Read the instructions for step 4 Complete, then rinse out the Restore mixture with warm water, and towel dry. You’re ready for Step 4.
20 complete step
Prepare Step 4. This mixture will foam, but will not get as fluffy as the Restore.
22 apply complete
Apply the “Complete” mixture just as you did the “Restore”
23 3rd 15 min
Set the time for yet another 15 minutes!
12 work thru
Put a clip to hold your hair away from your face and neck. Get your towel and get ready to rinse.
rinse it out
This is blurry, and I’m not bleeding! lol, I’m rinsing my hair with warm water.
24 wash and conditioned
Shampoo & Condition, this is what I use.
26 final hair
I blow-dryed my hair, so I could see the color better. It did not completely restore my hair, but it’s much improved!
27 less grey
Less visible grey, and very soft and clean feeling.

I think I will probably do another application as soon as I can order another kit. We’ll see if all the grey is restored to my natural color. Hairprint didn’t burn my scalp like the home color kits do. I like it and sill definitely use it again! 🙂