Coconut Lime Chicken & Spicy Pineapple Rum Sauce


I tend to experiment with food, rarely following recipes. Sometimes it turns out good, Sometimes, well, not so much 😉
Today’s experiment was one of the more successful ones!
I took 5 chicken drumsticks and marinated them for about an hour in Realime lime juice, Coco Real’s cream of coconut, Roses’s sweetened line juice, and Pampered Chef’s Chili Lime Rub. I tossed in about a tsp of salt too.
I put about a tbsp of salted butter in my cast iron Dutch Oven, turned the flame to med-low and spooned the chicken, juice and all, into the pot. I covered it with the lid and left it to cook for about an hour, turning it once or twice.


The juice reduced to a wonderful sticky sweetness, creating delicious crunchy bites. This dish really turned out great by itself, but since I had a jar of Pampered Chef’s Spicy Pineapple Run Sauce, I figured “why not?”



I slathered the sauce over the chicken and took a bite with a bit of trepidation. Like I said, my experiments don’t always work out! My worries were unfounded. It was delicious!
I hope you experiment and experience success too 🙂


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