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These decorative wooden plaques are perfect for any home. They have an antique look and feel to them.

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always kiss me goodnight

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The 4th & Hug My Hero


The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is a federal holiday that celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The Declaration of Independence is the founding document of the American political tradition. It articulates the fundamental ideas that form the American nation: All men are created free and equal…..
The American Soldier Puts His/Her Life On The Line Every Day To Ensure We Keep Those Freedoms. The Least We Can Do Is Give Back To Those Who Give So Much To Us.
Arabella Ave has chosen Operation: Hug My Hero as our Featured Charity of the Month for July! Every purchase you make from my website in July will send financial support and assistance to selected individuals, parents and families of US military personnel to help them see their loved one for life changing events, such as Basic Military Training Graduation, or to reunite them after extended time and absences. Please Help Us Help The World, One Shopping Trip At A Time, or Join My Army of Angels Arabella Ave by Deana​ and Be a Part of a Different Kind of DS Company.


What’s on my mind? Facebook always asks. Today my mind is on Thankfulness, Gratefulness, Relief, Praising God for His Goodness….
Many of my friends know that my grandson, my heart, was born with a DiGeorge Syndrome. From Congestive Heart Failure in 2001 to a Kidney Stone this March, “everybody’s baby” has been through a lot. 8 hospitalizations in 14 years from Open Heart Surgery to Pneumonia to Pharyngeal Flap. 3 Broken Bones, Multiple Dental Surgeries and various other illnesses and injuries have been a real trial sometimes.
One particular issue has been ongoing since his teeth broke through his gums.
Dental issues are a big problem for most DiGeorge patients and our little guy has been no exception. Decay, erosion, and chipping has developed into a serious problem, but the biggest problem, I found out, was finding a dentist willing to tackle a case like this. Today we met him. Dr. Zachary Ellis. My relief, when he didn’t turn us away and say there was nothing he could do for us, was profound indeed. Salty drops ran down my cheeks despite my severe warning that they stay hidden. It took a dedicated case manager to two months to locate a dentist with the skills and willingness to take on this extreme case. We’d been turned away and left discouraged so much I feared there would be no enamel left to work on before we got help. I am so grateful to case manager, Natasha with MCNA, for not giving up, for staying in contact, for searching endlessly and following up with me. I am so thankful to God for this child, for the joy he brings, the messes he makes, the music he drives us crazy with, the never ending questions about anything and everything, the movies he makes me watch with him, the teenage attitude he exudes, and the love he bestows on us. For the way he reaches for my hand when he talks to me or wants me to come so he can show me the WWE’s latest high-jinks. The backwards hugs and how he plays with his dog Peanut like two kids. Momma, Nana & Papa love him so much & the feeling is mutual<320150227_054001 20150227_054125 20150227_054654 20150227_055315 IMG_91158944074094

our little man

Happy Father’s Day Dad

The Bechthold Family :)

The Bechthold Family 🙂

Our dad, Wayne Bechthold, made the best memories a child could have
He was an adventurer! He taught me how to clear a path through the woods
with a machete, how to flatten a coin on the train tracks (and listen for the train
with your ear to the rail) , how to swim past the breakers in the ocean, what a
wheelbarrow was really made for, how to swing on a vine, how to build a dribble
sandcastle, how to cook a super good breakfast, how to go creekin, how to use
tools (the ones you didn’t chunk because the stupid thing doesn’t work :))) and
fix things yourself, that it’s ok for girls to climb trees, get dirty, make awesome
pie crust, and pound a nail. Because of him, I still love Liberace, the Grand Ole Opry,
and Fats Domino.
There are so many things Dad taught us, gave us, and he’s still not done!!
Children are always a work in progress :)) Dad, you have three beautiful
daughters that love you so much and are so grateful for teaching us to pray
and for the adventures that created memories that will last a lifetime!
Thank you, and Happy Father’s Day.
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Because Dad had no sons, he raised 3 little girls into
Strong, Healthy, Beautiful, Independent, and
God-Fearing Women who can do anything for
themselves. We are the luckiest 3 girls in the World
because our Mom & Dad are always supportive, always
praying, always there for us, no matter what.
1403283_617993411656107_1683926732464289922_o 10756488_10203221682005970_1532713223_o
Me, the youngest
10943668_10204390056764576_423326536797561218_o brenda
Brenda, the middle.
IMG_24220894910422 IMG_24363422485562
Chrisi, the eldest.