Happy Father’s Day Dad

The Bechthold Family :)

The Bechthold Family 🙂

Our dad, Wayne Bechthold, made the best memories a child could have
He was an adventurer! He taught me how to clear a path through the woods
with a machete, how to flatten a coin on the train tracks (and listen for the train
with your ear to the rail) , how to swim past the breakers in the ocean, what a
wheelbarrow was really made for, how to swing on a vine, how to build a dribble
sandcastle, how to cook a super good breakfast, how to go creekin, how to use
tools (the ones you didn’t chunk because the stupid thing doesn’t work :))) and
fix things yourself, that it’s ok for girls to climb trees, get dirty, make awesome
pie crust, and pound a nail. Because of him, I still love Liberace, the Grand Ole Opry,
and Fats Domino.
There are so many things Dad taught us, gave us, and he’s still not done!!
Children are always a work in progress :)) Dad, you have three beautiful
daughters that love you so much and are so grateful for teaching us to pray
and for the adventures that created memories that will last a lifetime!
Thank you, and Happy Father’s Day.
1934683_1109615893677_78115_n 10806419_10203361537302265_4339772675268532732_n FB_IMG_14221373963771384~2 20140809_093521
Because Dad had no sons, he raised 3 little girls into
Strong, Healthy, Beautiful, Independent, and
God-Fearing Women who can do anything for
themselves. We are the luckiest 3 girls in the World
because our Mom & Dad are always supportive, always
praying, always there for us, no matter what.
1403283_617993411656107_1683926732464289922_o 10756488_10203221682005970_1532713223_o
Me, the youngest
10943668_10204390056764576_423326536797561218_o brenda
Brenda, the middle.
IMG_24220894910422 IMG_24363422485562
Chrisi, the eldest.

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