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10 Wellness Tips for 2018 – The Toasted Pine Nut

I’m ditching resolutions for year-round acts of self-care. Here are 10 easy wellness tips for 2018 so you can kick off your new year with a happy heart!

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Double Chocolate Banana Bread – The Toasted Pine Nut

The best double chocolate banana bread recipe you’ll ever need! Made with almond flour, it’s gluten free, dairy free, and paleo! Grab the milk and enjoy the chocolatey goodness!!

Source: Double Chocolate Banana Bread – The Toasted Pine Nut

A Gift for Mom.

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The perfect Gift Set for any Mother!

This kit includes 4 oz. of our Sweet Baby Jane Lotion in cherry blossom fragrance.

  • This satiny lotion makes an ideal skin protectant. It contains flax seed oil which is high in fatty acids, and is high in Vitamins A, C and E and also high in Omega 3 & 6.

You get 4 ounces of our Body Mist in cherry blossom.

  • This hydrating mist readjusts the pH of your skin to the correct level and freshens and hydrates. This product when applied makes your skin come alive. Just think of it as a cup of coffee for your skin.

…along with 8 ounce of our Body Wash Gel in cherry blossom.

  • This product is highly moisturizing but has a luxurious lather.

You also get 8 ounces of our new Take Me Away foaming bath in our new Love Spell fragrance.

  • “Take Me Away” is a luxurious foaming bath that is sulfate free. It will leave your skin feeling moisturized, smooth and soft. So indulge yourself in this luxurious foaming bath and let it take you away!

Also this kit includes Marrella’s Lip Balm in our blackcherry bomb scent, untinted and sweetened.

  • Marrella’s Lip Balm is the perfect compliment for your lips. It soothes, conditions and protects the lips from the elements, and nourishes with the best of nature’s oils.

…and a jar of Marrella’s Lip Exfoliator.

  • Marrella’s Lip Exfoliator was designed to gently smooth your lips the all natural way with needed oils and sugar to moisturize and help heal. 

Order from by April 25th for Mother’s Day!

Let’s Get Started

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Our Basic Starter Kit, at a savings of $34.95, is perfect for new affiliates and is perfect for our customers who would like to try a variety of our most popular items in their most ordered fragrances. This kit includes:

4 ounces of our Can’t Dew Without You Toner in orange sorbet

4 ounces of our Sugar n Shea Scrub in rosehip jasmine

1 ounce of our Can’t Dew Without You Eye Cream

4 ounces of our Sweet Baby Jane Lotion in cucumber

4 ounces of our MaryJane n Butter Lotion in lavender

4 ounces of Decollete Treatment in ginger lime

1 bar of Just Good Soap in coconut

1 bar of Breakfast for Your Face in oatmeal honey

This is a sure to please kit

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God Made Me For You

It was no accident, you & me, I was yours by design,
Entrusted to you long ago, was this heart of mine.

God made me for you; was all a part of His plan,
Custom made, by the Master, for the boy who would be a man.
He molded and shaped me, He planted the seed,
Then He sat back and watched for His plan to succeed.

God made me for you, I was yours by design,
He knew someday our lives would intertwine.

Your mother prayed for you a mate who’d be faithful and true
The Master heard her plea, and knew just what to do.
God took a small piece of your rib, enough to start a new life,
He choose a Christian mom and dad, to bring up your wife.

Designed by the Master, God made me for you,
Consigned to a family, the Lord’s will they knew.

Our paths were marked, the plans had been made,
Though far apart, from His map, we never strayed.
My life was laid out before I was even born,
A golden ring, my finger would soon adorn.

God made me for you, I was yours by design,
The time was nearing, the stars would align.

When our hearts came together, the heavens rang,
Promises of “love you forever”, from our lips sprang.
My heart, my home, by your side I will always be,
I was made for you darling, for can’t you see?

It was no accident, you & me, I was yours by design,
Entrusted to you long ago, was this heart of mine.

a poem for my love, Carlos
January 31, 2018
by Deana Loraye Lara

7pc Naked Skin Mineral Makeup Set by NCinc. (Large)

This is our larger 7 piece starter set is ideal for anyone who needs a complete set of mineral makeup, but doesn’t need the brush set. It arrives in a black Organza bag along with instructions on how to apply the makeup.

Source: 7pc Naked Skin Mineral Makeup Set by NCinc. (Large)

Naked Skin <3 Natural Cosmetics


This  is a fantastic, 14 piece starter set. It’s ideal for anyone who needs a complete set of mineral makeup. It arrives in a black Organza bag along with a 7 piece brush set for everything you need to get started!

The set includes the following :

  • 2 Foundations 20ml Jar with Sifter – Choose any your shade of foundation, see below for shade guide and choose your option above when ordering.


  • 1 Miracle Veil 10ml Jar with Sifter – Our Miracle veil is translucent and works with all skin tones & types – it is worn under or over your makeup to provide a beautiful finishing touch. It also absorbs oil & moisture and creates a softer look to reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles.


  • 1 Concealer 10ml Jar with Sifter – Concealer is used for hiding dark circles, netrualising blotchy sking and concealing blemishes or imperfections.


  • 1 Corrector 10ml Jar with Sifter – Corrector is to brushed on before using the concealer to neutralize your skin tone.


  • 1 Blusher 10ml Jar with Sifter – Our Pink Cheeks blusher is designed to bring out the natural pink in your cheeks.


  • 1 Bronzer 10ml Jar with Sifter – Use our bronzer on top of your foundation, as an eye-shadow or on the face for a sun-kissed tone.


  • 7 Piece Brush Set in Pouch – 7 Makeup brushes in a black pouch which includes all the basics you need for daily application of makeup.


Color Guide

Please choose the shade which best suits your skin tone.You can also mix shades together to make the perfect blend for your tone.

You can choose the shade when ordering any of our foundations or sets