…a Glowing Review…


Have you thought about “getting back to nature” this New Year? Is “being better to your body” one of your resolutions? Do you want Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free and Cruelty free products but can’t stomach the costs?

Give Skin by Nature a try, this customer did, and now she’s hooked!

A review worthy of sharing. Edited for length…
I gave one of my regular customers a free bar of Massage n Bar Soap with her order. This is what she had to say:
“It’s Thursday night, and I look like I’ve had an expensive facial! I LOVE THIS SOAP!!! Spoiler-disgusting zit comments ahead. Whenever I change anything on my face, I break out. With this soap I had a grand total of….ONE PIMPLE! I did NOT do a peel-off mask, and my “gunk” is GONE. My face has never been this clean!!! The ONLY thing I changed was my soap! You know what I like best about this soap? They aren’t wasting money on fancy advertising or colored pretty wrappers; they’re producing a simple, effective, quality product within the price range of almost everyone. I used to use a face wash that was expensive, but this Massage n Bar works BETTER. Deana gave me a free bar, and I really like it. It smells like SOAP! I kept it outside the shower, because it started to get “goopy,” in the humidity. I figured out why this soap doesn’t make lots of lather: in other soaps, the manufacturers put stuff in to MAKE them bubbly. This doesn’t have that, because it’s not a natural ingredient!!!! People like lots of bubbles. But the bubbles PROVIDE NOTHING EXCEPT………….BUBBLES. It’s only been four days, but I’m not buying any more of my other soap. This is the best soap I’ve ever used. I’m not SUPER soft, yet, but I can sure feel the difference, but the best thing about this soap is that, without stripping your face, or burning it, your face is just SO CLEAN!!! Order me another bar, Deana Loraye Lara; I’m hooked”

This sweet customer of mine uses several other Skin by Nature products, so I wanted to thank her for her business by giving her a surprise free soap. Massage n Bar, and Massage n Rain are 2 of my favorites, along with the Goat’s Milk Soap and the Just Good Soaps. I, personally, use many of the products on a daily basis, and love them. I wouldn’t share this if I didn’t think you would love them too. The soaps are only $3-$3.50 each!

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