Fancy Roasted Cocktail Nuts | The Pioneer Woman

The holidays have so many food associations for me, and one of those is fancy roasted cocktail nuts. Every year when I make them, I wonder why I don’t roast them year round. But the truth is, there’s just something seasonal and special about them.

It’s honestly astonishing how flavorful nuts are when they’re toasted in the oven. And then when you add fresh orange zest, rosemary, maple, salt, and a little cayenne for heat? It’s so good. It hits so many of those flavor components you want, and people go crazy (or nuts? Sorry, I had to) for them.

Making your own roasted nut mix is one of those things that makes everyone think you’re a genius. They’re so snackable and addictive, but also wonderfully easy to make.

Source: Fancy Roasted Cocktail Nuts | The Pioneer Woman

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