God answered my prayer.

God always answers prayers. It may not be the answer you wanted to hear, or it may just be silence, but there’s always an answer. Silence may mean that His grace is enough…

I remember what I prayed for twenty-one years ago. With tears running down my face, I begged God not to take him. “Please God, don’t take our baby boy. Please let us take him home. Please guide the hands of the surgeons, doctors and nurses. Please, Lord, please let us keep Aron.”

God heard my prayers, and answered me. He said, you can take him home. You can have him for twenty years. Twenty years will be enough time for Aron to fulfill his purpose. And, with the difficulties he will face, any longer than that would be too much for him. Aron Alexander Lara 2/27/2001 – 10/9/2021


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