Loaded Baked Potato Salad With Yogurt

Creamy, cheesy loaded baked potato salad lightened up a bit with Greek yogurt (you’ll never know it’s there!).

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Gooey Chocolate S’mores Cupcakes – Baking Mischief

Perfect s’mores cupcakes: graham cracker base, decadent chocolate cake, gooey Hershey’s chocolate buttercream center, and toasted marshmallow frosting.

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My Silent Words to all Caregivers

She may have heart failure, but her ears still work.


This woman is my mother-in-law. She’s raised 3 strong, handsome and good sons, and buried one. She’s laid one of her five daughters to rest, and the other four would, and do, anything for her. She is cherished by nineteen grandchildren and 27 great grandchildren. She watched her husband, and father of her children, take his last breath on this earth, then laid him in the ground.

She is strong. She is proud. Give her some dignity. At this stage of her life, dignity is a distant memory. Do you think it’s easy having to let everyone take care of you, when you were the one taking care of them? As you provide care for her, treat her as you would your mother or grandmother. Be compassionate, empathetic, and kind.


Do you know why she’s here? It’s because her heart is not working the way it should. She is full of fluid, in her lungs too. She is very tired and weak. Think about how your words make her feel. As you situate her in her room, give her dignity, she is a modest woman.

Remember, her ears still work.


Mom with her son, my husband

Have you ever not been able to get air, to breath. Have you ever felt the panic of gasping for air, as your lungs refuse to take it in. Try it sometime. Hold your breath for as long as you can, then hold it longer. Do you feel like you will pass out? She has pneumonia, fluid build up and heart failure and everything that goes along with it. She didn’t ask for this, and she doesn’t want to be here, but here she is. All I ask is that you give her dignity at this stage of her life.


Mom with my grandson, who she helped raise.

She’s not just another patient. She’s the woman who raised my husband into the wonderful and good man he is today. She held my babies and helped me to be a good wife and mother. She cared for my grandchild from infancy to grade school. He had recently had open heart surgery, but she took him in without fear. She loves the Lord her God and her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren with all her heart. Her mind is as sharp as a new razor. So as you provide care for her… remember…

…her ears still work.


My mother-in-law and me


The Promise

Our mission is to be your source for 100% toxin free beauty. All of the brands we carry are free from the nasties, parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, chemicals, phthalates, formaldehyde and other toxins that are found in your everyday skincare and cosmetics.




…a Glowing Review…


Have you thought about “getting back to nature” this New Year? Is “being better to your body” one of your resolutions? Do you want Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free and Cruelty free products but can’t stomach the costs?

Give Skin by Nature a try, this customer did, and now she’s hooked!

A review worthy of sharing. Edited for length…
I gave one of my regular customers a free bar of Massage n Bar Soap with her order. This is what she had to say:
“It’s Thursday night, and I look like I’ve had an expensive facial! I LOVE THIS SOAP!!! Spoiler-disgusting zit comments ahead. Whenever I change anything on my face, I break out. With this soap I had a grand total of….ONE PIMPLE! I did NOT do a peel-off mask, and my “gunk” is GONE. My face has never been this clean!!! The ONLY thing I changed was my soap! You know what I like best about this soap? They aren’t wasting money on fancy advertising or colored pretty wrappers; they’re producing a simple, effective, quality product within the price range of almost everyone. I used to use a face wash that was expensive, but this Massage n Bar works BETTER. Deana gave me a free bar, and I really like it. It smells like SOAP! I kept it outside the shower, because it started to get “goopy,” in the humidity. I figured out why this soap doesn’t make lots of lather: in other soaps, the manufacturers put stuff in to MAKE them bubbly. This doesn’t have that, because it’s not a natural ingredient!!!! People like lots of bubbles. But the bubbles PROVIDE NOTHING EXCEPT………….BUBBLES. It’s only been four days, but I’m not buying any more of my other soap. This is the best soap I’ve ever used. I’m not SUPER soft, yet, but I can sure feel the difference, but the best thing about this soap is that, without stripping your face, or burning it, your face is just SO CLEAN!!! Order me another bar, Deana Loraye Lara; I’m hooked”

This sweet customer of mine uses several other Skin by Nature products, so I wanted to thank her for her business by giving her a surprise free soap. Massage n Bar, and Massage n Rain are 2 of my favorites, along with the Goat’s Milk Soap and the Just Good Soaps. I, personally, use many of the products on a daily basis, and love them. I wouldn’t share this if I didn’t think you would love them too. The soaps are only $3-$3.50 each!

Make the Switch! Be Phabulous!


Why go non-toxic with your daily beauty and skincare products?

Our skin absorbs 60% of the products we use topically. Because of this it is extremely important that we are wise about what is in our daily beauty products. Chemicals entering the body through the skin can cause damage to the liver, kidney, bladder, or other organs.  Damage can occur in your immune system, reproductive system, or respiratory system. For example a lot of bath and beauty products have one of the most highly rated toxins of all in them like, “artificial fragrances.” Artificial fragrances are generally found in products from big chain stores to all the major department stores. From zero to ten, artificial fragrances are rated a nine in developmental and reproductive toxicity by the Environmental Working Group. This is really alarming because so many of us don’t think twice about what this ingredient actually does to our body and this is just one ingredient! We need to start thinking about smart and mindful beauty!

Want to make the switch from your old makeup to a new line of healthy makeup? We provide personal recommendations for the best makeup and skincare for your type of skin. Try on different amazing, trusted,  healthy, non-toxic brands. We will provide options for you and find out what your current goals are! Finally we help you decide on best new makeup and skincare products for you! You leave with a healthy, safe, non-toxic makeup and skincare regimen and a beautiful new makeup look to show off!

To far away from our store? Need help finding the right products, not sure what you need… This ones for you!

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Mary Jane, like “Back in the Day”


“Mary Jane n Butter” Lotion    is high in Vitamin A, C & E. This product is also high in Omega 3 & 6 and will help reduce age spots an makes a great skin protectant. It contains hemp oil which is high in fatty acids and gives it anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe sore and aching muscles and aids in sunburn relief. Product is available in an 8 oz bottle with pump for easy dispensing. Comes in lavender fragrance or unscented.

Ingredients: Water, shea butter, almond oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, hemp seed oil, a natural emulsifier and fragrance if scented.

Reviews 5-stars

5-starsI Am In Love!

I am in love with the mary jane butter. I just got diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Was having a flare up put some one the minute I open the package it has lessen. Also order a bottle for my neighbor. Ordered the unscented and she text me that she loved how there no scent forgot to tell her that I ordered her unscented.

5-stars Love this lotion!

I have the worst dry callused feet. And after just a couple of uses I can already tell a difference. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this lotion!!!!!! It’s AMAZING!!!


I have severe medical with chronic widespread pain: a lot of the pain I have is muscle pain. For the past two years, I have been in so much pain that I have trouble sleeping, moving, or doing anything. I have only been using this for a couple of days, but after the first time I used it, I noticed a HUGE difference! This really does help with sore and aching muscles. I had been skeptical about it because over the last two years, I have tried just about everything, even prescription creams that were specially designed for me. Nothing else worked. Since using this, I have been able to move around more, do more, and when I wake up in the morning, I am even sleeping a lot better! I am ordering more & telling everyone I know about this amazing lotion!

5-starsSo Luxurious

This product is so luxurious. I was using this lotion on my body and hands until one day I ran out of my facial moisturizer. I have very sensitive skin and redness. I decided since I wasn’t going anywhere I would try it on my face. It looked amazing. My skin was so hydrated and smooth. I had no redness and no irritation like store bought products full of chemicals. My face looked the best is had in years and I wore no makeup. This is the best all over lotion I have ever used. My daughter also has sensitive skin and is works wonders for her as a body lotion. I am more than pleased.

5-starsAWESOME lotion!

This is the most AWESOME lotion that I have ever used. I had a bad scar on my leg which has really lightened up.

5-starsPerfect for my kids and I

Recently my little one and myself had a little too much sun. After we returned home I put Mary Jane and butter lavender on both of us and it took out the sting and we were not red after the third day

Skin by Nature Store

Nature’s Birthday Suite



Skin by Nature, all natural, and affordable.

African Black Soap (Ose Dudu) has been prized for centuries for it’s natural healing abilities. This gentle soap is highly sought after for it’s lather, detoxification properties and it’s gentleness. It is great on skin and hair and especially great on feet. This soap contains palm oil, coconut oil, shea butter, coconut carbon, water and sodium hydroxide. This soap is unscented.


“Babies 2 Seniors” is a 52% olive oil soap bar. It is extra gentle and mild for sensitive skin.This soap also contains coconut oil to help produce a low foaming lather to prevent drying out of skin. It contains castor oil which is a humectant, this helps attract moisture to the skin. This soap is long lasting and unscented for those allergic to certain fragrances.

Ingredients: Olive oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, water and sodium hydroxide for saponification.


“Breakfast for your Face” is rich in Vitamins A and E. It provides healthy skin collagen which prevents premature wrinkles and lines. Vitamin E keeps skin clean and healthy and revitalizes rough, dry and cracked skin. This scrub bar contains oatmeal to give your skin that clean, fresh feel and gives ageless beauty. “Breakfast for your Face” may be used on all skin types. Perfect for dry to normal skin.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, palm oil, castor oil, ground oatmeal, water and sodium hydroxide for saponification.


“Bring On The Rain” is a great everyday soap bar that is very mild with excellent foaming qualities. It is long lasting and contains castor oil which contributes to the foam and is a humectant that attracts moisture to the skin. It is scented with a delightful ocean rain fragrance that reminds most of walking in the rain on the beach. A delightful clean smell that is sure to please.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, olive oil, water and sodium hydroxide for saponification.


“Clay is the Way” is a premium facial soap scrub that contains Vitamins A and E. It also contains rhassoul clay. This clay reduces oiliness, reduces flaking and improves skin clarity. This specialty soap also removes surface oil and removes dead skin layers and improves skin texture. Clay is the Way also contains shea butter, which soothes and revitalizes skin. All of this in a great bar of soap that is made for the face but may be used all over. Great for oily skin. Now in lemon grass fragrance, peppermint fragrance and unscented.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, castor oil, rhassoul clay, sodium hydroxide for saponification and fragrance if scented.


“Goat’s Milk” Soap is a high quality soap bar is made the old fashioned way with all natural ingredients. Goat’s milk is added in place of the water to make a very creamy and delightful soap for everyday use. This product in unscented.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, castor oil, goat’s milk and sodium hydroxide for saponification.


“Just Good Soap” is a mild, gentle, good foaming soap that is natural. This soap does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. It has a very neutral pH so it is great for babies or those with sensitive skin. This product is available in a variety of fragrances and also comes unscented for those individuals with odor sensitivity issues. Make this product your normal everyday soap.

This soap is available in many fragrances such as patchouli, baby powder, rose-hip jasmine, sweet grass, honey dew melon, chocolate, musk, piña colada, coconut cream, orange creamsicle, the beach, honey almond, cherry blossom, lemon grass, pumpkin spice, turkish mocha, lavender and unscented.  5 ounce size

This is truly the soap you build and for $3.00 a bar, this is a steal.

Ingredients: water, coconut oil, palm oil, sodium oleate (olive oil), castor oil and sodium hydroxide for saponification.


“Massage n Bar” is a high quality soap containing olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil and also contains Shea Butter. Shea Butter contains Vitamins A and E . This gives the soap properties such as:

  • Helps provide healthy skin collagen which prevents premature lines and wrinkles
  • Excellent skin protectant and revitalizer
  • Soothes rough, dry and cracked skin

Lather this soap on your skin, the longer you leave it on the softer your skin gets. This soap is unscented.

Ingredients: coconut oil, shea butter, palm oil, castor oil, olive oil and sodium hydroxide for saponification.

Usage: use daily

Fancy Roasted Cocktail Nuts | The Pioneer Woman

The holidays have so many food associations for me, and one of those is fancy roasted cocktail nuts. Every year when I make them, I wonder why I don’t roast them year round. But the truth is, there’s just something seasonal and special about them.

It’s honestly astonishing how flavorful nuts are when they’re toasted in the oven. And then when you add fresh orange zest, rosemary, maple, salt, and a little cayenne for heat? It’s so good. It hits so many of those flavor components you want, and people go crazy (or nuts? Sorry, I had to) for them.

Making your own roasted nut mix is one of those things that makes everyone think you’re a genius. They’re so snackable and addictive, but also wonderfully easy to make.

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Taco Quesadillas | The Pioneer Woman

There are as many variations of quesadillas on this website as there are grains of sand in all the beaches of the world. Not really. There are seven. The point is, quesadillas are one of my favorit…

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