Peacock Make-up Throw-down

Last year, for Halloween, I painted my face like a Big Cat, so this year, I thought I’d do something similar. I wanted to do either a butterfly or a peacock. I looked at the make-up in my bathroom, and saw that I already had all the peacock colors I would need so I chose to do a peacock face. I used liquid eyeliner, a pencil eyeliner and eye shadows. I had already played around with that Halloween cream make-up that comes in the tubes from the store, but it stays tacky and my long hair stuck to it and I knew that wouldn’t be good for a day at work, so I used my own make-up to do a trial run last night.

Here’s last & this years pics… below….

Cool, huh? 🙂 ….well, when it came time to take it off I grabbed my Skin by Nature, Benefits Beyond Beauty Creamy Facial Cleanser. This fabulous stuff smells good enough to eat; I had ordered it in “Tropic”–love love. It comes in a big 8 oz pump bottle for $6.54 and is available in Tropics or Unscented. Not only does it cleanse, remove make-up and dirt, but it moisturizes your skin at the same time. With ingredients like aloe vera liquid, witch hazel, glycerin, shea butter, grape seed oil, and almond oil, it’s Good for your skin too! You will swear you are wearing a night cream after your first use.

Unscented Facial Cleanser

Get it here:

Let the Throw-Down Begin!!

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