This company makes me cry!

I have another wonderful report!! My order came in today and I had ordered an extra Mary Jane n Butter Lotion for my sister-in-law to try on her shoulder. A few months ago, she hurt her shoulder swinging a baseball bat at the park. She’s had shots, creams and pain relieving gels but has been in constant pain ever since. She came over this evening, (she just left) when I told her I had something that may help. She sat at my table and showed me how she couldn’t raise her arm or move it forward or back without pain. I gently rubbed the “Mary Jane n Butter” lotion into her shoulder and down to her elbow. We sat here looking at the website and the other products I had ordered & I showed her the items we’ve been using too. After just a few minutes, she said, “it feels good, it feels warm, it’s doing something!”, and within 10 minutes she could lift her arm. She put her hands on her hips and walked over to show my husband, (her brother), and said, “look at me! just look at me!” :’) I gave her the bottle and an extra BBB Anti Aging Serum and was hoarding, and told her to use it on her husbands knee that always gives him trouble. My sister-in-law runs the Meals on Wheels program in our community, and her co-workers know how much pain she’s been in and they’re going to get an earful tomorrow!! Nothing makes me happier than to help people. This is the perfect company for me, even though it makes me cry….tears of absolute and utter joy!


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