Green Soup Story

I still don’t have my new washer & dryer since Home Depot seems to think they must live up to their crummy delivery reputation, however, this has a bright side πŸ™‚
I’m still doing my laundry at my mother-in-law’s house, which gives the opportunity for stories to be heard.
One of my favorite stories she’s told me is the time Abuelita Francisca Lara prepared an avocado for the very first time. Welo Faustino had been somewhere and had tasted guacamole and brought an avocado home for grandma to fix. Now Francisca had never prepared an avocado before, and since it was rock-hard, she set it in a pot of water to boil πŸ˜‰ She waited and watched….as the water turned green, the skin came off, and inside a large hard seed appeared. This, grandpa Faustino said, was not how it had looked that day when he had tried it, but then, he didn’t know how they had prepared it either. They laughed and laughed at their experiment gone wrong as they looked at the green soup in the pot. Later on, someone shared the secret of guacamole with grandma, and I’m sure they had another laugh as she told the story of the green soup πŸ™‚


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