Raining Clam Chowder

It was raining soup today at the Rustic Cafe. Aron and I had made it through the downpours to the dentist in Midland and were headed out 158. I knew where I was, even though I’d never been that way before, I am the family navigator, you see. I had checked the route on my phone’s GPS before leaving the dentist’s office.                                              Just a few miles down the road and the GPS showed me to be quite a bit past my turn-off, so I pulled off the road to get my bearings. Trucks whizzed by, rocking our heavy duty truck as the clam chowder continued to fall from the sky.                                                                    VZM.IMG_20160309_121328 From the back seat, Aron said, “where’s Papa?” I told myself, c’mon girl, you can do this, and told him, we’ll be ok! I looked at my phone, not believing it’s GPS, yet beginning to doubt myself too. I could see a sign ahead so I slowly pulled forward till I could make out the numbers….158….I knew it! I tapped my phone screen and gave it a dirty look as the little blue dot scooted over to where I already knew I was.
I checked my mirrors and merged into the waterway of highway 158, headed for 385. I could feel the water under the tires to I kept my right wheels just outside the white line and my left wheels in the center of the lane for traction. By the time we got to the 385 junction, the rain was mostly to our east and was just sprinkling.                                             We met Amanda and Tyler between Andrews and Lamesa out in the middle of nowheresville, in the sprinkles, and deposited him safely with them. They headed back to Lubbock and I headed for home, alone, and thanked God for Taking the Wheel today.


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