Old Family Photos

I’m a genealogy buff. I’m a member of familysearch.org and findagrave.com. I’m the family Scribe 🙂

Keeper of the family tree, finder of relatives, spalunker of graveyards! I love old family photos and love to share them when I acquire more.

This one looks like it’s from an old western movie, but my G G Grandfather is the 2nd from the right.

The Stone Brothers, Will, Frank, Marshall, Alfred, and James Stone

Will, Frank, Marshall, Alfred, James Stone

This photo is from the other side of my family on my Grandma’s side. Her mother,

Alice Nottage Alice Nottage

This family photo is of my Great Grandfather, Valentine Bechthold and his wife

Louisa Lang Bechthold and baby. Valentine died very young when elevator doors

in the Herald Building in Calgary, Alberta, closed, crushing him as he tried to dart

out. I wonder how many people had to die before manufacturers figured out how

to make the doors bounce open at a touch…..

Valentine & Louisa Bechthold

I love Black & White family pictures!

3 thoughts on “Old Family Photos

  1. Alice Nottage is my Great Great Granny also!! I have a painting of her done by Robert Whale i inheritated.
    Feel free to email or message me as it seams we are cousins!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow! Small world 🙂 My grandmother was Connie, Constance Simmonds. She married Adolph Bechthold, and had 2 children, my father, H.Wayne Bechthold and my aunt, Yvonne Bechthold Tetz (deceased). I have a few more pictures, I’ll look for them. Is there any way you could take a picture of the painting so I could see?


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