The Right Shade of Beige

Coffee is yummy. I like it very much. In the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening 🙂

The coffee cup I keep at work is a tall, clear glass mug with a gold maple leaf on the side. I got it at the airport in Edmonton, Alberta, many years ago. Those of you who’ve been in my office in the morning, you’ve probably seen it and know what I mean by “beige”! lol Ok, so I like a little coffee with my cream ❤


Coffee is yummy, inside and out! I made a body scrub from coffee grounds & brown sugar that felt so good on my legs after a long day, I want to share it with you. This scrub exfoliates while it moisturizes your skin.

I’ve read a little about caffeine and cellulite , but I’m not going to make any claims of that nature.  I do know this, after an afternoon of yard work, pulling weeds and the such, this scrub feels wonderful on your body.

Here’s what I put in the jar:

1 cup coffee grounds. (I like “The Taste of Texas”:))

1 cup of brown sugar. (I also like this in my coffee to drink!)

4 tsp. baking soda

4 tsp vanilla extract

a dash of cinnamon

Coconut oil, till you have the consistency you like. I don’t like a scrub that runs through your fingers and down the drain, kinda defeats the purpose! I like it sort of chunky, so you can hold onto it.


Warning! The smell could cause you to drink more coffee (just sayin)

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