You know how it goes; you pass by the avocado display at the grocery store and, you can’t help it, you have to squeeze one! You know you do this 😉

It’s hard as a rock, so you squeeze another, then another. You may as well be looking for a baseball. So what do you do? You pass on them. WRONG!

They’re on special for 5 for $5! They’re hard as rocks, you say? That’s ok. I mean what happens when they’re all perfectly ripe and you buy 5? You might eat 1 or 2 before you have to throw them away. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you 😉

You buy those rock-hard avocados and put them in the frig. Take 1 or 2 out and place them on the counter or windowsill and in a day or two they’re perfectly ripe and ready to eat. Keep them in the frig and take them out as you want them. They will stay fresh longer and you won’t be throwing away over-ripe fruit!

BTW these are 5 for $5 at La Tienda, so go get yourself a bag of baseballs!