Bechthold Quarter Horses

Bechthold Quarter Horses.


Our original stallion, “Roan Command”, carried the pedigree of Joe Hancock,

Driftwood, and King.

In our local area of Northern Alberta, the Roan Command horses have a reputation

of being long-term ranch horses. They have been described as the horses that

“take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’”. They are the type of horses that can be used

all week on the ranch and then hit the jackpots on the weekend. They are solid

horses with good dispositions, that don’t breakdown.

New foals this 2015 Spring:



Over the last ten years we have increased our herd, but have maintained the

reputation for raising horses that are strong and willing. Our new stallions carry

the bloodlines of:

Driftwood, Joe Hancock, King, Top Deck, Doc Bar, King Leo Bar, Jewel’s Leo Bars,

Blue Valentine, Zan Parr Bar, Two Eyed Jack, Otoe, JB King, and Skipper W. Many

of our mares carry on the Roan Command pedigree.