An Iris Garden in New Mexico

We were driving through New Mexico, on a road we’d traveled many times before. This time

was different, because this time we pulled off the road to see sites you can’t see from the road.

In Hondo, you can pull over and buy Organic Honey, Fruit, and all sorts of things.

One particular little road went off the edge and disappeared steeply down into a small

valley. My husband wasn’t in a hurry so he pulled off the main highway onto this little

road. What we found was an oasis, a garden befitting a queen, a brilliant butterfly

habitat that I didn’t want to leave! These photos are from that day, last year, 2014, in

Hondo, New Mexico.  Next time you’re on your way to Ruidoso, pull over in Hondo

so you can Stop….and smell the Iris’s!

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