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Salad in a Jar, my lunch for a week.

First, I gathered my ingredients. I don’t have a recipe, because you put what you like in your jar!

I put the dressing, if any, in the bottom, then added the smaller, more dense items. salad fixins

I like my salad with lots of yummy stuff like olives, sunflower seeds, brightly colored mini peppers, corn cut off the cob, almonds and cheese, just to name a few 🙂

Top off your jars with your favorite greens. I left out tomatoes because their juice makes it runny in a couple days. You can add those adorable little cherry tomatoes, if you want.

I smushed everything down into a pint size Ball canning jar. You can use a larger jar, whichever you have. Put the lids on and into the frig they go. They lasted and stayed fresh for the entire week!

salad in a jar

There are lots of ideas on Pinterest, but these are my photos. You are welcome to share 🙂