Phabulous Lanterns


Meem’s Wonder Emporuim has so many beautiful Lanterns! You really must come see for yourself 🙂

There’s Moroccan Style, Country Style, Classy Style, Rustic Style, Glittery Style, oh you just gotta see!

This is just from page one! There are nine pages of lanterns.

Beautiful Gift Ideas ❤


The bewitching glow of twilight can decorate your room night after night with this gorgeous candle chandelier. Two tiers of smoky glass candle cups sit upon a mesmerizing black metal scrollwork frame.


Light the night with breathtaking splendor! The Midnight Elegance Candelabra is the perfect centerpiece for a romantic table setting, combining the shadowy glow of five candles behind tinted glass and glamorous faceted baubles.


The glow of a sultry evening can be yours whenever you want. This chandeliers faceted baubles dangle and reflect the sparkle of six candles set in tinted glass, creating the perfect ambiance for a romantic getaway right in your own home. Use as a chandelier or place on your tabletop.  DEANA YOUR REP #229

MIDNIGHT_ELEGANCE_CHANDELIER_4__05683.1430013955.490.588 MIDNIGHT_ELEGANCE_CHANDELIER_2__44577.1430013944.490.588