Agate Suncatchers

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There is a girl who lives in Oregon, my niece, actually, who loves rocks as much

as I do ❤ She takes nature’s beauty & bounty and creates beautiful things.

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Salsa Fresco

A thirty minute drive from Pecos, is the tiny town of Coyanosa. There’s not much there, but if you’ve ever heard of the Famous Pecos Cantaloupes, that’s where they come from! There used to be just a road-side stand, but now they have a big brick Farmers Market. Several varieties of watermelons, melons, onions, peppers, tomatoes, squash, and even honey are available. You better hurry if you want Okra, because it goes fast! We bought a watermelon, an Israel Melon, a bag of Red Onions, a bag of tomatoes, a bag of Long Green Chili, a bag of jalapenos, and two cantaloupes. We’ve been eating fresh salsa all day 🙂

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If you ever get out to West Texas, be sure to stop by


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My sister took these photos on her way home from our Grandfather’s 97th birthday party in Edmonton, Alberta, two weeks ago. The drive to Banff in the Canadian Rockies is my favorite drive anywhere! I’ve been there 3 or 4 times but living in West Texas, doesn’t allow it very often.

The turquoise colored water comes from the glaciers.


“You’re going to get a toupee”? There was only one man in Pecos way back then who had a toupee and I had not been impressed. I knew why Roy wanted one. He began going bald at the age of nineteen. He was a handsome young man and hated the fact he was going to be bald on the top.

His appointment was in Odessa and he left a balding young man but returned with a very full pompadour style wig. I was in a mild state of shock but our little girls fell to the floor laughing and pointing at him. He was so disappointed because it was quite obvious he thought he looked like Elvis Presley. I really had to be careful but suggested that if I helped him comb it down a bit it might be better. It was, well just a little, but it still looked like a toupee.

Our girls about the ages of four and six left the house and gathered up all their friends to come see their silly daddy. For days we had children looking through the storm door saying, “Mr. Prewit, we like your new hair. He beamed! Honestly, he thought he was gorgeous.

He told me that it was put on with glue and wig tape and would not fall off. He could bathe in it, sleep in it, and take it off once a week to wash it. The first night he got frisky and I think it was to see if the damned thing would stay put. It did. Well, until sometime during the night it came unglued and when we awoke it was glued partially to the top of his head and partially under my armpit. Houston, we have a problem!

His first remark was, “It hurts”, and my response was, “You think that is painful!” “What do you think my arm pit is feeling”. It could only be removed with rubbing alcohol and that was in the bathroom. So, he got to his knees and with my armpit attached we cripple into the bathroom. Thank God the children were still asleep or they might have gone out and rounded up the neighborhood children to come see silly, naked, mommy and daddy.

The bathroom was so tiny so we lay down in the hallway. We talked about the next plan of action and decided if I poured rubbing alcohol down my shoulder it would run under my armpit and free us. After awhile it did work. From then on, he removed it and placed it on the wig stand.

That was the first of so many toupee stories. All include either him losing it or getting it hung somewhere. Life with Roy was always interesting; never boring, but always interesting.

By my friend, Reita Prewit

America’s 50 Best Farmers’ Markets | Cooking Light

View All Photos – America’s 50 Best Farmers’ Markets | Cooking Light.

Right now is the best time to visit farmers’ markets: They are alive with their biggest bounty of fresh produce—gloriously juicy, crisp, and fragrant. These green markets do more than supply us with colorful fruits and vegetables; they reflect and shape our culture, reinforcing our community spirit and connecting us on a grassroots level to the people who grow the food we feed our families. And that, by extension, inspires us to be better cooks. Here are our picks for the top markets in America, as named by renowned chefs, cookbook authors, and food notables from every state.

Find your local Farmer’s Market and give it a visit!

Midland Texas has a wonderful Farmers Market.

If you go, look for my sister-in-law’s booth!


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“Plum” Full of “Vanilla Cupcakes”

Juicy, ripe plums and berries mix together to create an aroma that will freshen your room with the perfect summer scent. This soy-blend mason jar candle instantly makes any room cozy. 5 oz. and burns up to 25 hours.

Get the inviting aroma of freshly baked vanilla cupcakes without spending time in the kitchen! This fantastic mason jar candle features vanilla cupcake fragrance in a soy blend wax. 5 oz. and burns up to 25 hours.

Light this soy blend candle and imagine yourself seated underneath a big shade tree on a idyllic sunny summer afternoon. The scent of lemon sugar will brighten your room from this darling mason jar candle.

The aroma of apples, ripe for picking, will fill your room when you light the wick of this adorable soy-blend candle. Enjoy the fragrance of summers favorite fruit all year long!

A tropical fruit blend creates a luscious aroma that will turn your room into an island getaway. The scent of tangerines and mangoes are mixed in a soy blend wax and fill this darling mason jar.

An Iris Garden in New Mexico

We were driving through New Mexico, on a road we’d traveled many times before. This time

was different, because this time we pulled off the road to see sites you can’t see from the road.

In Hondo, you can pull over and buy Organic Honey, Fruit, and all sorts of things.

One particular little road went off the edge and disappeared steeply down into a small

valley. My husband wasn’t in a hurry so he pulled off the main highway onto this little

road. What we found was an oasis, a garden befitting a queen, a brilliant butterfly

habitat that I didn’t want to leave! These photos are from that day, last year, 2014, in

Hondo, New Mexico.  Next time you’re on your way to Ruidoso, pull over in Hondo

so you can Stop….and smell the Iris’s!

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Bechthold Quarter Horses

Bechthold Quarter Horses.


Our original stallion, “Roan Command”, carried the pedigree of Joe Hancock,

Driftwood, and King.

In our local area of Northern Alberta, the Roan Command horses have a reputation

of being long-term ranch horses. They have been described as the horses that

“take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’”. They are the type of horses that can be used

all week on the ranch and then hit the jackpots on the weekend. They are solid

horses with good dispositions, that don’t breakdown.

New foals this 2015 Spring:



Over the last ten years we have increased our herd, but have maintained the

reputation for raising horses that are strong and willing. Our new stallions carry

the bloodlines of:

Driftwood, Joe Hancock, King, Top Deck, Doc Bar, King Leo Bar, Jewel’s Leo Bars,

Blue Valentine, Zan Parr Bar, Two Eyed Jack, Otoe, JB King, and Skipper W. Many

of our mares carry on the Roan Command pedigree.

Summer in Lacombe


Did I ever show y’all my Grandpa Bechthold’s farm in Alberta?
This is where my dad, Wayne Bechthold grew up. It’s where my mom set me on a pony’s bare back, kicking & screaming, then she couldn’t get me to get off to come in and eat! His name was Goliath and we called him Goo. He was 12 years old that summer, I think I was about 10 or so. Wonderful memories. The rain barrel, Auntie Yvonnes trailer, the outhouse, playing dress-up with Grandma Bechthold’s fancy old hats! The garden of Poppies ❤