Glow Philtre


At BCOB we are super excited to bring you Glow Philtre by Kypris Beauty!!! Get this amazing organic beauty Skin treat to get that beautiful glow. $88 with free shipping & samples! Sign up for your online account and receive 100 reward points towards your first purchase! Every dollar spent at BCOB you are rewarded for! Don’t miss out! Click the link in bio or go to to get Glow Philtre! 😊💕✨🍃 Repost @kyprisbeauty
・・・ It is with deep love and ebullience that the KYPRIS team and I introduce you to Glow Philtre. Winter is here, but we would prefer your skin be none the wiser! Building upon the benefits and concept of our critically acclaimed Moonlight Catalyst serum, Glow Philtre is a 20-minute (or less for ultra sensitive users) treatment mask designed to hydrate, refine, smooth, and reveal plump, soft, glowing skin. The mask transforms skin’s dull, dry, dehydrated, and tired appearance into soft, supple, lit-from-within luminescence. Glow Philtre blends refining pomegranate pith enzymes, softening thalassic extracts of sea fennel stem cells & sea algae, with ultra-hydrating silver ear mushroom to revitalize skin’s surface. (Link in profile for more details.) 💋Chase Oh! And PS… if you took advantage of our Trick or Treat fun and selected ‘Trick,’ you received this gem. What can I say, we’re a sneaky, playful bunch. ☺️

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