Gina Alexander at Home

Join Kay for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

1. You have an opportunity to join as a Founder and be on the top team in the country!

2. Lots of great founder perks like half off of events, VIP seating at all events, access to private VIP Facebook group with Gina and Richard alexander and more to come!

3. As a founder you can also bring in 5 founders and they can do the same!

4. As a founder for every founder who joins your team you will receive $150! That means you could earn up to $750 to offset your startup cost!

5. You have an opportunity to begin building your team pre launch and will be high up in the genealogy!

6. A product line in high demand that is made in America and in our own manufacturing facility! That means no middle man and more money in your pocket!

7. No need to carry inventory and a wide open market!

8. Unlimited earning potential!

9. You will be part of the number one team in the country with some of the most experienced leaders in direct sales that are here to help you succeed!

10. We are taking the country by storm and this is a ground floor opportunity! It is not everyday that a direct sales opportunity like this comes along! This is going to change your life!

This founder opportunity is closing within the next two weeks! By joining us now you will be able to start building your team and business immediately!

Don’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity to become a founder with the hottest new direct sales company pass you by!

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