Gourmet Candle – Gourmet Candle

Gourmet Candle – Gourmet Candle.

Welcome to Gourmet Candle!


Whether you’re looking for a unique gift or genuinely love candles, choose from a variety of scented soy candle pies, tins, jars and melts!

Enhance. Relax. Enjoy.

My Candles are Handmade
Handmade items make the BEST gifts! They are both unique and thoughtful!
Each individual scented candle is genuinely one of a kind! No two soy candles are EXACTLY the same.
Buying handmade items make you feel GREAT as a buyer! Don’t believe me? Try it!

Eco-Friendly Packaging
My boxes are un-coated and no chemicals are used to change their natural organic appearance.
My boxes around 25-30% less fiber than other box materials and compared to other virgin fiber products, that’s 25-30% fewer trees to produce the same amount of boxes.
Fiber for my brown boxes comes from Sustainable Forestry Initiative lumber which is collected and reforested utilizing environmentally friendly practices.


Over 120 item in the Etsy Shop

I Use Soy Wax
 LONG BURNING: Soy candles burn slower and cooler than paraffin wax,
creating a longer burning candle.
BIODEGRADABLE: Since soybeans are vegetables, soy wax is naturally biodegradable.
HELPS THE FARMERS: Buying soybean products creates important economic growth
for the agricultural sector of the US economy.
RENEWABLE RESOURCE: Soybeans are a renewable source.

Bath Bomb & Candle Gift Sets

Imagine relaxing in a hot bubble bath with your favorite music playlist on and nothing but a couple of these candles lighting the bathroom! It creates the perfect relaxing ambience while the yummy aroma of these goodies enhances your relaxing bath time!

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