Please Read Me


Hello everyone! As you might have seen I’ve been posting trying to raise

money for a friend of mine who is about to become homeless with her

children. She has fallen on hard times due to illness and much more!
I know most of you will scroll past this, ignore, etc like a lot already have,

but if anybody has a heart and would like to help, you can either donate

directly OR if you make a purchase from my Arabella Ave biz I’ll donate

all my commission to her and her family! Thank you.
Make a purchase & I’ll donate my commission! Thank you

If you can’t do either, sharing this post with your friends is a great help as

well, and hopefully someone will be or can be a hero and donate some $$$.

There is also an online charity event going on to help raise funds, if you are

interested in becoming a vendor or shopping w/ some of the vendors who

will donate some of their commission.

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