Marlina Wilkins | Please Help Keep Us From Being Homeless

Friends, one of my fellow Arabella Ave Angels is in need of help. We call her Moma Lina, and she’s a beautiful person.

Please do what you can, we never know when we’re going to need help too! Thank you in advance ❤

Marlina Wilkins | Please Help Keep Us From Being Homeless.

Divorced mother with medical issues, no immediate family/friends, in a new location, needs help with over $2500 final eviction notice.

I very recently also lost my only sibling who died unexpectedly and had no insurance. I can’t go to any friends for I used those resources to help with my brothers funeral expenses. I suffer from deep depression among other things which I try to hide and hypervigilance due to so many traumas in my life over the years. I moved to a new state with my children after having surgery to remove a tumor and to start my life over after my divorce. However, I am now over $2500 behind on rent, no job and my landlord has grew impatient while he waits for my disability to start. I am on my 4th and final eviction notice and despite my attempts to work from home I have yet to be able to catch up.

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