Phabulous Candelabra

The prettiest candelabras have been phound! Phind one

for your space here:

There are hanging candelabras and table candelabras, and one that can

do both! Come Phind a Phabulous votive holder for yourself.

Midnight Blooms Tiered Chandelier

The bewitching glow of twilight can decorate your room night after

night with this gorgeous candle chandelier. Two tiers of smoky glass candle

cups sit upon a mesmerizing black metal scrollwork frame.

Midnight Elegance Candelabra

Light the night with breathtaking splendor! The Midnight Elegance

Candelabra is the perfect centerpiece for a romantic table setting,

combining the shadowy glow of five candles behind tinted glass and

glamorous faceted baubles.

Shop Now:

Crystal Drop Votives

“Delicate crystal drops dangle from sleek ivory-finished wrought

iron candle stands, catching each nuance of candlelight. The essence

of elegance!

Midnight Elegance Chandelier

This beauty can sit on a table or hang from the ceiling

The glow of a sultry evening can be yours whenever you want.

This chandeliers faceted baubles dangle and reflect the sparkle of

six candles set in tinted glass, creating the perfect ambiance for a

romantic getaway right in your own home. Use as a chandelier or

place on your tabletop.


A quartet of cone-shaped cups in sumptuous amber, amethyst, emerald

and ruby shades casts a hypnotic halo of colored candlelight! Stylish

stair-step wrought iron holder cradles each votive in a cage of graceful

curves for a breathtaking display.

If You Like What You See, C’mon in to the Shop!


Dress up your table with dramatic beauty! The Scrollwork Candleholder

with Vase is a stunning centerpiece that allows you to blend scrolling iron,

candlelight, and fresh flowers into your décor. The tapered glass vase

in the center is surrounded by six glass candle cups waiting to be filled.

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