Pashmina Cashmere and Silk

13 Gorgeous Colors of Pashmina Cashmere and Silk Scarves To

Choose From, and Free Shipping To Boot!!

All this week, thru the 28th, Arabella Ave is offering free shipping on

all scarves, and with over 70 styles & colors to choose from, I know

you’ll find your match! These items pictured are just one style we have

available. Shop my website and see them all.  Deana, your rep, #229.

KYF1001PUR__70195.1434926553.1000.1200KYF1001AQA__91931.1434926552.1000.1200 KYF1001BLK__90215.1434926551.1000.1200 KYF1001CRM__42965.1434926552.1000.1200 KYF1001GRN_1__70185.1434926551.1000.1200 KYF1001LPNK__42868.1434926552.1000.1200 KYF1001ORG__33574.1434926553.1000.1200 KYF1001PCH__71897.1434926553.1000.1200 KYF1001PNK__01705.1434926553.1000.1200 KYF1001RED__81263.1434926554.1000.1200 KYF1001TEL__41448.1434926554.1000.1200 KYF1001TUQ__18575.1434926554.1000.1200 KYF1001WHT__35174.1434926554.1000.1200

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