Charmed, I’m Sure!

I love pretty, dangly, and jingly jewelry and I’ve

phound a lovely collection at Arabella Ave ❤

0514150625 0514150627

Chevron Necklace

This statement necklace and earrings will tell the story of your great style!

The golden chain necklace is inset with a dramatic black and white chevron

collar, and the matching dangle earrings will hang just right as they drum

up plenty of compliments. I loved it so much I got it for myself!


Chunky Charm Necklace


This one is so pretty!

Lucite Flower

Pretty Linked Stone Necklace

comes in Pink, Black & White and Blue & Black.

0612151955 0612151957-1

Butterfly & Flower Charms- this one converts from a

necklace to a bracelet in a snap!

Angels & Wings

Olive Branch

Antique Diamond Look

FIGHT! Cancer Awareness Gloves

Charming Hearts

Fringed Chains

Homaica Stone

Cut-out Metal Choker

Linked Hearts

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