Beautiful For Your Patio or Mantle

I’ve found a phabulous addition to your patio or mantle! Indoors

or Outdoors, these candle holders will match any decor.

Candlelight has never been more intriguing than when shining from

this stunning wire-frame vase. The interior holds a glass candle cup

that awaits the candle of your choice.

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Stylish, contemporary and timeless, this candle stand duo will fit

right into any room of your home. Each features a twisted metal

framework and glass hurricane cup. Just add pillar candles!

The Uncommon Candleholder

Four flickering flames will sparkle and shimmer in this fantastically

uncommon candle holder. The black iron framework features

four cups ready for the candles of your choice, and four broad glass

bottles fit over them to amplify the style in your room.

Set the scene for great décor with a group of candles set in this

Decorative Candle Display Set. Five candles of your choice tuck

neatly into the glass cups of varying sizes, surrounded by

high-polished decorative stones and set in a beautifully detailed

bowl black bowl with contrasting ivy design.

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