New Arrivals & Free Shipping!

KYF7013BLK__09398.1434893480.490.588 KYF7014BEG__29291.1434893723.1000.1200

Brand Spankin New In The Shop! These trendy fashion scarves aren’t just for

Fall & Winter. They’re light-weight and cool enough for the office, to wear out

with your friends, in the classroom, shopping, or anywhere you want to wear

them this summer. Beginning tomorrow, Monday, June 22, you can stock up

on this fashion accessory because Arabella Ave will be offering FREE SHIPPING

on all scarves from 6/22/15 – 6/28/15, one week only. These one’s pictured below

are only the newly arrived stock, there are more styles & colors to choose from.

KYF7014BRO__59025.1434893723.1000.1200 KYF7014WHT__62850.1434893722.490.588

KYF7015BRO__67099.1434894002.490.588 KYF7015GRY__83755.1434894002.1000.1200 KYF7015WHT__98017.1434894002.1000.1200 KYF99004GRY__50478.1434891421.1000.1200

Shop Small Business with me, Deana, your Rep, #229 🙂

…and I thank you!

KYF99004NVY__78985.1434891421.1000.1200 KYF99004PNK__64168.1434891421.490.588 KYF99005BRO__26402.1434891649.1000.1200 KYF99005NVY__75544.1434891650.490.588 KYF99006BUR__63908.1434891973.1000.1200 KYF99006GRY__84499.1434891974.1000.1200 KYF99006PNK__43961.1434891979.490.588 KYF99006TEL__67021.1434891972.1000.1200 KYF99008BUR__34237.1434893185.490.588 KYF99008GRY__20377.1434893199.1000.1200 KYF99008TEL__51852.1434893198.1000.1200

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