Phab Home Decor Phinds


Candlelight has never been more intriguing than when shining

from this stunning wire-frame vase. The interior holds a glass candle

cup that awaits the candle of your choice.


Inspired by the deep blue night sky scattered with bright white constellations,

this mesmerizing ceramic vase will deliver starry style to any living space.

Its high-gloss finish and stunning geometric pattern makes it an ethereal

accent for your mantel or table.

pale blue vase

This vase specialized in suave style and gorgeous color that will

complement any decor. The stoneware body features a beautiful white

pattern set against a sky blue glaze, and it looks just as pretty alone

as it does with a bouquet of your favorite flowers.


A true modern marvel of style and grace, this white ceramic vase

is just as lovely as the blooms youll place inside. A striated

texture gives this vase plenty of visual appeal and will dress up any mantel or table.


Dress up your table with dramatic beauty! The Scroll work Candle holder with

Vase is a stunning centerpiece that allows you to blend scrolling iron,

candlelight, and fresh flowers into your décor. The tapered glass vase in

the center is surrounded by six glass candle cups waiting to be filled.

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