Nailstrips, A Photo Tutorial From My First Time :)

I don’t have long pretty fingernails, and I usually don’t paint them,

but I wanted to give these Nailstrips a try.


Here is my photo journey of my first time.


The directions say to cut the nailstrips apart and match

them up to your nails by size. Trim them on the sides with scissors

if they’re too wide. You can soak your fingers in warm water to

soften your cuticles first, if you need to. Push the cuticle back and clean

your nails to prepare them.

There is a clear covering on the picture side of the nailstrip that you need

to peel off first.


Then carefully peel off the backing from the strip.


You’re going to put the rounded end of the strip against

your cuticle. Put it right up against the cuticle nice and close.


Starting from the cuticle end, press the nailstrip down

firmly, pressing up and to the sides with your finger to

push out any bubbles.


The nailstrip will be way longer than your nail, especially

for my little stubs πŸ™‚

Press it over the end of your nail, then with a fingernail file,

file the access off. I used little scissors to trim some of it first

since my nails are so short.


The file will take off the extra strip. Take care as you file

so you don’t pull or push the strip off your nail.


Gently file the edge smooth.


Finish all your fingers, then swipe them with a cottonball

dipped in fingernail polish remover to “melt” them to your

fingernails. Let them dry for a minute, then apply a

clear coat of polish for extra protection.


VIOLA! All Done πŸ™‚


to be perfectly honest, I didn’t have polish remover so I only applied

one layer of Sally Hansen “Hard as nails” and they are good

so far! I showered and they’re still there but I chickened out

and put on gloves to wash the dishes πŸ™‚

If you haven’t tried Nailstrips yet, don’t be intimidated bu them.

If I can do it, anyone can πŸ™‚ Easy Peasy!

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