I found an excellent Dad’s Day Gift! Ha 🙂 These seasoning, and sauces are

the Bomb ❤ Give Dad what he deserves… well…make him feel “Special”…sort of!

I’m not saying he deserves a Box-O-Shit or anything, but….he’ll love you for it anyway!


2 thoughts on “CAN I SAY THIS HERE?

  1. Hah, my dad would not be impressed, he hates swearing! I wonder what they taste like, have you tried them? Somehow having the word “shit” on a food product makes it strangely unappetising to me 😉


    • LOL, I know, but I have used them and they are very good 🙂 It would def have to be for someone who thought it was funny though…not for everyone. We’ve used the box set of four seasonings and they’re yum 🙂


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